1st Step In Affiliate Marketing Business

1st Step In Understanding What An Affiliate Marketing Business Is



Affiliate marketing is the king method to succeed online today, but it wouldn’t make any difference if you don’t grasp the key

concepts on how to practically implement and succeed. What if you had that formula summarised in just a few simple, ready to use and practical steps? Well, I’ve identified 3 simple and actionable steps to use, and to make things even simpler, this blog will tackle only the 1st step in understanding what an affiliate marketing business is.

The 2nd and 3rd steps will be an object of different posts. Considering how

important each of these steps is, it’s preferable to deal with them separately, to limit the risk of any confusion. Your time has come to stop struggling with affiliate marketing and get it right and done once and for all.

Affiliate marketing is a mixture of new, interesting but challenging concepts, especially if you are coming across this for the very first time. WHAT to learn, WHEN to learn it, HOW to learn it, and most importantly, WHERE to learn it, are of critical importance if you must succeed at Affiliate Marketing.

This article will answer the above questions related to the very first step.




Video On Affiliate Marketing Trends

I found a great video on the opportunities and threats facing the Affiliate Marketing industry today. This method is certainly here to stay, and it’s important to start getting things right with Affiliate Marketing while you can. There would only be positive results, especially in the long run.



The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

If you want to get things done correctly, and sustainably, you cannot succeed in Affiliate Marketing alone. You need to join a network as BELLATIG MEHDI suggested in the video above. You need a team to always be in touch, and keep up with the rapidly changing digital world, and above all, get all the help you want only within seconds.

That’s why I recommend that you take your training with a platform that has a robust support team of professionals in Affiliate Marketing set in place ONLY TO HELP YOU. Not only will you have help from more than 20 Technical support team members, to help you get started with your affiliate marketing website, you equally get to network with more than 1.4 Million Successful Affiliate Marketers, whom you can also contact directly for help. It gets even better. You can also contact the owners directly. Yes. You get to chat with millionaires 1-on-1.

Only one recommendation fulfills the criteria I have listed above, and much more:




This is where I’ve been building my Affiliate Marketing business for a couple of months now, and this platform is second to none. I started online less than a year ago, but I’ve been able to set up this amazing website thanks to this platform.

Not only will I be your personal mentor. thousands of other members can help you as well.



Commit to a niche; try to stop being everything to everyone – Andrew Davis


“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” ― Tony A. Gaskins Jr.








#1. Warning

#2. Setting Up Your Website

#3. Importance Of Creating A Website For Your Affiliate Marketing Business

#4. What Will I Create A Website About

#5. How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Website


#1. Where To Learn

#2. What To Learn

#3. When To Learn

#4. How To Learn


#1. Conclusion

#2. Questions






This first step you are about to discover about Affiliate Marketing business is the first among 3 other steps which are intricately linked to each other, and there is no chance that you undermine one with respect to the other (you will discover the other 2 later).

I’m sharing knowledge based on my experiences and past mistakes. I’m glad I made those mistakes because that puts me in a better position to talk about what works in Affiliate Marketing.





Sometimes I read articles online about entrepreneurs doing affiliate marketing without a website! How is this even possible? Well, perhaps it’s possible, but certainly not advisable.

Some people really underestimate the importance of Affiliate Marketing when starting off, no wonder the majority of people fail hands down.

It’s absolutely necessary to stop and highlight something extremely important about Affiliate Marketing before we start digging deep.



1st Step In Understanding What An Affiliate Marketing Business Is





Affiliate Marketing IS NOT A GET RICH SCHEME! It’s a long-term endeavor and must be treated as such. Once your business is set, then you can start ripping the fruits of eternal passive income.

That’s is ironically why Affiliate Marketing is the best, yes. So before you start one, be warned.




#2Setting Up Your Website!


Let’s take a look at what happens when you want to start a business offline. You need a house to stock goods, create offices for employees, etc, and an address to receive correspondences from all related third parties. So anyone can find and locate you.

This is exactly what happens when you want to start a business online. Creating a website provides you with two things:

==> A House To Host Your Business, often represented by the Web hosting company where you will be hosting your website;

==> Your Domain Name, which is considered as your unique identifier, the main address to your website, and each website has one online. It’s like a social security number, that can be traced back to you. It’s through this address that your faithful audience will always find and locate you.



#3Importance Of Creating A Website For Your Affiliate Marketing Business


==> It’s very professional

==> It becomes your personal property

==> It helps to create a secure channel for receiving your affiliate commissions

==> You have absolute control over it

==> You can easily monitor your performance against your set objectives.

==> You can sell it out eventually for a huge amount, because of the authority online it would have acquired.


#4What Will I Create A Website About!


We are now getting to the most interesting section about creating websites. What will you create your website about? Let me share with you the two guidelines that helped me to decide:


(i) Create A Website About Something You Are Passionate About

You are about to build something that you will wake up to every morning. It has to be something that you love talking or writing about.

Affiliate marketing will require that you write a lot of reviews on products. It had better be something you cherish at heart, if not sooner or later, you will lack motivation.



(ii) Create A Website About Something You Want To Learn About

This is a second guideline for choosing what your website should be all about. Choosing a topic for which you desire to learn more about, will give you drive to research and learn more as soon as possible. You know you don’t know, so you have this quest for knowledge that will not be satisfied unless you are comfortable with what you have learned so far.

Which method worked for me?

The second method was 100% effective for me. I chose topics that would continue to challenge me such as WordPress hosting, Affiliate Marketing, etc, all of them related to each other. I’ve been doing a lot of learning, and now I have so much to share with my audience.

I don’t feel any stress writing this blog. The information is just oozing out of my head. That’s what you should look forward to when creating your website.


(iii) MOST IMPORTANT! Specialise in ONLY ONE NICHE at a time

This is a very crucial factor when deciding what to create your website about, in other words, which niche to specialize in. I didn’t quite understand this concept when I started out, and before I know, I had started 7 DIFFERENT NICHES in one website! You have to be careful here. I became very confused in all of them.

You might have a lot of cool ideas to start off, but take the time to choose the one you can write details about, and focus on it ALONE.

Start with one, nail it before moving to the next.



#5How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Website!

Don’t worry about this. You don’t need to be a WordPress developer or a web hosting Geek to successfully set up a website for your business.

With the resources we will disclose in the next section, you will be able to kick-start your business only within minutes!





#1Where To Learn


I’ve had the singular privilege to review a lot of platforms that provide help with starting Affiliate Marketing business online, and the majority of them have one thing in common: they don’t help you to host your new affiliate marketing business.

This is one of the main reasons why I will always continue to advise anyone who wants to start this line of business, to use the platform I’m currently using to build my business online. Not only do they provide free hosting and free websites (including a website builder), they teach you how to set up your affiliate marketing website in a professional and practical way, using a step by step guide.

That’s not all. You also have the possibility to start with 2 free websites, without any need to provide your credit card details. Try creating a free website below with this platform and see what happens. Don’t worry about the domain you choose now. You can change it once inside the platform:





#2What To Learn


When you sign up with your free account, you have access to Level 1 certification courses, comprising of 10 free lessons to help you set up your Affiliate Marketing website.

See the screenshot below for the list of courses you are entitled to, and their respective names:




To have a taste of the learning experience with this our top recommended platform, I invite you to watch a video on how to choose your niche (remember we talked about this in –PART II #4):




#3When To Learn


The courses are designed for you to take them at your own pace. They will always be available to you whenever you return and organized in a step-by-step chronological order.

At the end of each lesson, you will be given a list of tasks to complete and implement directly on your website, before you continue to the next lesson.

When you return to continue the learning process, you can either decide to continue taking the course or return to revisit specific sections.

The training here on this platform is really flexible.


#4How To Learn


Here are some learning tips to apply when you start taking your certification courses:

==> The courses have already been organized in a chronological order. This is something you couldn’t do yourself because you are discovering Affiliate Marketing for the very first time. You have to play your role and follow the training step-by-step as you progress.

==> Don’t proceed if you have not understood something. In this platform, you have access to thousands of members just a question away. You can contact anyone in particular, or the entire community in general, and ask a question. Anyone who is knowledgeable in that sector will reach out and help.

==> It is important to complete tasks at the end of each section. They will contribute to the building of an authoritative Affiliate Marketing website.






#1. Conclusion


Start your Affiliate Marketing business with our all time top recommended platform below:




Besides the community which is available 24/7/365 to help you out any time, I will be your personal mentor and guide you through this amazing and supportive community.

Affiliate marketing is a new challenge which must not be taken lightly, and that’s the main reason why the owners of this platform, were able to set up the most dynamic network of support for this training platform, something no other competitor has succeeded to do.

Affiliate marketing is difficult, you need support every step of the way and this platform provides just that.




Affiliate Marketing – there’s no easy button – adapted from Scott Abel’s quote about Content Marketing




 #2. Questions

Have you started Affiliate Marketing already? What has been your experience so far? Please share your thoughts and let the love circulate.

Thanks a lot for reading my blog.



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