The Best Way To Make Money Online

15 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way To Make Money Online


Nothing is as good and fulfilling as finding the ultimate solution/the sure path/ the best way to make money online consistently and repeatedly, a real source of passive income,  whence your financial freedom.


How often do we look forward to finally building that mansion, traveling around the world, contributing to charity, buying that Porsche car, buying the dreamboat, dining at the sea site whenever we want, celebrating life every day, effortlessly and painlessly? How can we make this happen? Which method is the best way to make money online? You will find the answers when you explore these 15 reasons why affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.


Taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by the internet to make money online is great, but an even effective and efficient method is finding the best all-around applaudable method, stick to it, and become excellently good at it, instead of becoming a Jack in all trade, and master of none. Don’t you think?


This article will highlight the reasons why Affiliate Marketing is the overall KING method to take advantage of online and accumulate that wealth you deserve.

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#1. What You Should Know About Starting A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

#2. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

#3. 15 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

#4. Conclusion & Questions








You are about to be introduced to the Affiliate Marketing Business.


I need you to understand one thing right now: it takes time and reiterated effort to build something sustainable, especially with Affiliate Marketing. I’d like you to treat this online venture you are about to start, as a professional business, and treat it as such. What I’m about to reveal to 15 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

you is not a get rich quick scheme. If you take the time and build an affiliate marketing business right, it will stand the test of time in decades to come.

You should be prepared to watch your personal brand grow, as you continue to water and nourish it, with the training you will receive. It’s an ongoing process and when you persist to the end, you will certainly be proud that you showed proof of perseverance and endurance.

Your affiliate marketing business is a Million Dollar Empire that you are about to start building, and I will strongly suggest that at a certain point in time, you start thinking of those who would take over this empire eventually, and gradually but steadily introduce them to affiliate marketing as well, so that in your absence, your legacy will move on, through the inheritance you just left to your bloodline generation.













Affiliate Marketing, is King in the digital economy today, and if you do it right, the future belongs to you and your family.

I’ve learned that this IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE, plus when reading from the top earners online in Affiliate marketing (find Pat Flyn’s financial report enclosedthey have many income streams, but they always highlight the fact that the juiciest source of them all,  is Affiliate Marketing. This implies that if you specializing in Affiliate marketing alone, hmmmmm. Only God knows.




a. This is how affiliate marketing works:


Affiliate Marketing is a simple, yet very effective business model:

==> join an affiliate program. You will be given an affiliate link;

==> use affiliate links to recommend products to a client offered by the affiliate program

==> client is interested and buys a product through your affiliate link

==> Affiliate program tracks the customer back to your affiliate link

==> you get paid commissions by the affiliate program



b.Check out the diagram below, for a perfect demonstration with images:






That’s basically it. This is what makes affiliate marketing just amazing.

However, there are many other steps that come into play with each of the 4 grand phases discussed above. Claim your FREE STEP BY STEP GUIDE to have a complete picture of how to make the phases above work well for you.










Let’s proceed to take a look at the 15 reasons why Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online today.



 1First Reason: There Are Over 4 Billion Internet Users;


==> What Does This Mean?

If you are generous and good-hearted by nature, then this model will work perfectly well for you. The internet is flooded with billions of people, looking for solutions to specific problems, and this number is on the rise every single second.

See the graph below for 2018 estimated figures of  internet users:


15 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way To Make Money Online



==> Do you try to get the picture here?

The potential online is just so enormous, and you need to learn how to reach these people and solve their problems. By reaching out to a tiny fraction of the figures above, your life and that of your entire bloodline generation could change forever!

The main secret behind your affiliate marketing success is your ability to create very useful content that your readers really need. Once they feel satisfied with your information, then the money will follow. You need to have this rule at the forefront of your mind. Once the potential client discovers that you are trying to sell, by all means, your brand will suffer a huge loss.

Imagine if all the visitors on your site ended up being happy? They would certainly become your clients! It’s better to take the time and learn how to create useful content, than rush over things just so you publish regularly. Don’t worry how this is going to take place. The training I recommend covers this area to the least detail.







2Second Reason: You Don’t Need To Run After Clients



With Affiliate Marketing, you are supposed to help people, not sell to them. So the fear associated with running after clients and pressuring them to buy is completely eradicated here. Trust me on this, clients will buy from you, no matter how high you charge them provided you offer an excellent solution to their problem. Inexperienced affiliate marketers often get this wrong in the beginning, but sooner or later they adjust. Again, there is no need to have a minimum number of Affiliate Sales to

remain in business.

The only time you can see this happening in Affiliate Marketing is when you just sign up for a new affiliate program. You are given a specific period of time within which YOU MUST MAKE YOUR FIRST SALE, beyond which your account might be disqualified for good if no sale was made.

Amazon, for instance, gives you a time period of 6 months for you to make your first sale! As soon your first sale is made within the required time limit, that’s it for life. You remain qualified and no further conditions need to be met.

Other business models are quite different. Let me take the case of our cousins, MLM.  You have to remain active ON A PERMANENT BASIS for your status to remain qualified. This is awfully demanding. You have to be constantly recruiting, training, organizing seminars, and quite a lot. I mean no offense with MLM but if you are not the people type, MLM business might not really work well for you. The only way to succeed with MLM is through recruiting.

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t work that way.







3Third Reason: No Physical Interaction With Your Potential Customer Is Required


Isn’t Affiliate Marketing amazing? From the comfort of anywhere in the world, you can reach out to your potential customers without any hassles or strain. Just log in to your laptop, and you are already in touch with billions of people, from your bedroom!

Using the example of our closest cousins one more time (please no offense intended here), MLMs,  you would have to organize lots of seminars to get your products to potential clients out there.

They would equally have to follow up with new recruits. How many people can you reach physically, unlike the billions of customers you could target online using the right training?









4Fourth Reason: Affiliate Marketing Is One Of The Best Work From Home Opportunities


This is the ultimate choice for working from home, simply because your targeted audience is online.

Irrespective of whether the rain is falling, or the sun is hot high up, or snowy, windy, or whichever color the weather decides to take on, that has got nothing to do with your business. so long as you have an internet connection.

You can decide to wake up and have your breakfast served in bed, while you pick up your laptop to reach your clients who are located at every corner of the surface of the earth. How cool can that be?

How about waking up and finding out your account has been credited with commissions from affiliate sales? There is no other better work from home opportunity like Affiliate Marketing.






5Fifth Reason: You Actually Own The Business


With Affiliate Marketing, the website you create to build your business online is your personal brand and property.

You can design it as you will according to your needs/moods/tastes, you have access to it any time, you can grant access to others for multiple users when your business starts to grow, you can log in at will, you can shut down if you want, etc. You have absolute control over your business.

You can also sell it out and start a new one if you like. It’s all up to you.










6Sixth Reason: You Don’t Have To Create A New Product


This is one of the fundamental reasons why Affiliate Marketing can be undertaken by virtually anyone because no prior knowledge of anything is needed.


Imagine the complications related to creating a new product from scratch? Only programmers and advanced tech persons

can even attempt. And even so, they would have to take the time and conceive, build the product, test it several times, before launching it. And there is no guarantee that the product will be successful. This could take years and there is a high risk of failure if you don’t have access to relevant competitive technology to make your product withstand the rapid changes of our volatile technological environment.

Instead of going through all that trauma, why not affiliate with a product that’s already famous & successful, and reap the fruits of something you contributed nothing towards the building?

And guess what, you can affiliate with as many products as you want in a year, but you cannot create that many number of products in the same year.

Affiliate Marketing is simply the best.






7Seventh Reason: No Logistics Related To Shipping And Customer Service


With Affiliate Marketing, you are literally ”only” at the receiving end of the chain (of course, after having served as an intermediary). Once the customer completes the purchase, the Affiliate Marketer receives his commissions. Period!

All logistics related to packaging, sending, payments to be made by the client, customer complaints, are all handled by specific departments of the merchant, who were created for that purpose, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Marketing is really convenient and the best way to make money online.









88th Reason: No Prior Knowledge/Skills Or Experience Is Needed



With Affiliate Marketing, the only prerequisite for starting is learning how to read and write and follow step by step instructions. The very fact that you have found your way down to this 8th reason is enough proof that affiliate marketing can work for you as well.

With the right training, support system, an active community to easily contact anyone for help, important tools to help you establish a robust presence online, and of course, the most important, passion and dedication on your part to succeed, then only the sky would be your limit in Affiliate Marketing.





9Ninth Reason: Flexible Working Schedule



Who can deny the undisputable flexibility that comes with Affiliate Marketing? You work at your pace, anytime, any day. It gets even better. Flexibility does not only come with time and place. You have the flexibility to choose the products you love talking or researching about, and affiliate with them.

It’s really up to you what you want. You only get to deal with the products you are passionate about, and at the time most convenient for you. The end result is high productivity with your online business because you work only when you are psychologically ready.














10Tenth Reason: Earn While You Learn


Affiliate Marketing is flexible to the extent that you don’t even need to reach the last step of the guide before you start making money online.

With the hands-on training, as you learn and build your website at the same time, you are implementing the principles directly on your website which is already live on the internet, hence the possibility to start making money.


This is where our educational systems have failed woefully in this domain. True, they are doing all they can to provide specific knowledge with regards to online marketing in general and affiliate marketing in particular. Not only are these

courses insanely expensive, they also lack the practical aspect, to enable students to earn while they learn.


The available online courses provided by educational institutions require students to practice using projects. These projects are not live websites, and as such, students will not have the possibility to start earning while they learn. Some of the courses equally restrict access to your projects once the time period to take the course elapses.

Our educational institutions still have a very long way to go when it comes to Digital Economy. If you are really interested in Affiliate Marketing, you would have to seek very specialized platforms designed for that purpose, where besides the training they provide, they would also offer additional tools such free websites to use and start earning immediately while you learn; free keyword tools to choose the best keyword tools and run informed campaigns, etc.

Not all Affiliate Marketing training platforms offer as many tools as the one we recommend below. Having had the singular opportunity to review a lot of these affiliate marketing training courses online, this one stands out as our overall top recommendation with unbeatable additional free extra features at no extra cost and zero upselling:








11Eleventh Reason: Very Little Startup Cost


Imagine starting a million dollar business at $0. You can start an Affiliate Marketing business for free, but you will have access only to basic features, and you will not enjoy the flexibility of designing your website to your taste because your website would have limited features. That notwithstanding, you can start an Affiliate Marketing business for free.

Here comes the real part. What’s the real startup cost for an Affiliate Marketing business online? With as little as a yearly cost of $359 (or $299 with special discounts during Thanksgiving), you set up a million dollar empire online. Literally speaking.

How much would it cost you if you had to start up an offline business? You would have to pay taxes here and there, look for the most appropriate location for your business, look for employees, even if it’s only 2 and pay their salaries as well, how about your patents and licenses…..

Of course, you would end up with an enormous capitalized cost to spread over so many years.

Guess what happens when you start up an online business; you pay for hosting, training, and additional features, and you can literally launch your new business in minutes, provided you find the right place. What’s even amazing, some platforms OFFER ALL YOU NEED TO START UP IN ONE PLACE, so that you wouldn’t have to run about the internet looking for tools to complement your website.










12Twelveth Reason: Google Adsense Drives Visitors Away From Your Blog. Watch Out!


Every now and then, I see some unhappy bloggers complaining about why Google Adsense has not approved their request to join their program. Did you actually know that Google Adsense drives traffic away from your blog? And for how much?

Google Adsense is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash, but at what cost? Would you jeopardize the loyalty of your hard-earned affiliate marketing traffic for a few cents per click?

Once you have established a competitive presence and authority online, I seriously don’t think you would need any chicken change from Google Adsense, unless your blogging is not affiliate marketing related.

An extra source of income isn’t bad, right? But measure the consequences to make sure you are not at a loss. Traffic is the life giver to your business. You don’t want to lose all of it to Adsense.





13Thirteenth Reason: Your Blog Does Not Qualify For Banner ads and Sponsored Posts


When running your affiliate marketing business, and your request for sponsored ads is turned down for one reason or the other, guess what, your affiliate marketing business still continues to run. If it were the other way round, then you would certainly go out of business.

If you must take advantage of other sources of income, then first make Affiliate Marketing your pillar to lean on before anything else.




14Fourteenth Reason: You Cannot Offer A Service As A Beginner Entrepreneur Online


When starting off online, you don’t yet have sufficient experience to start proposing to offer services. No. It would require specialized skills and prior experience to be able to opt for this method of making money online.

With Affiliate Marketing, however, you can start off immediately while being guided through the process systematically. Making money online through Affiliate Marketing is really suitable for everyone.



15Fifteenth Reason: The Digital Economy Will Continue To Evolve.


Our generation is experiencing the fastest evolutions in the digital economy never before experienced, and the speed is only increasing. The sooner we start taking advantage, the better. We have already seen fast the number of internet users is growing every year.

A Word To A Wise Is Enough.








Having detailly explained the 15 reasons why Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online, the only thing left to do now is to take action when you are ready. If you are looking for the best place to learn affiliate marketing professionally, then click the image below, our TOP RECOMMENDATION:






I’m currently building my business here and will be available to you on the other side when you sign up. This community is one big forum of millionaire affiliates helping each other with everything. Not only would you have me as your personal mentor, but you would also equally have direct access to the owners of the platform.

I can’t wait to connect with you on the other side.




Have you found success with affiliate marketing? Which other method do you consider better than affiliate marketing when it comes to making money online?

Please share your thoughts in the comments sections below







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