Identifying The Best Internet Marketing Training Courses

It’s more of a hassle today, knowing which internet marketing courses to pick from the plethora of training materials available online.

I’ve identified a list of criteria to help you during the decision making process, to help you select a course that will significantly increase your chances of succeeding at Internet Marketing. Watch the video for list of criteria.

Wealthy Affiliate training center


Affiliate Marketing is already challenging in its own right, yet the training here has been designed to simplify the whole process, through the use of  incredibly easy and actionable step-by-step guides.

This training platform is the most sophisticated and complete in the industry, with their main objective being to teach you how to create a successful, sustainable and long term business within the online space.

Let’s have a glance of what your training experience would be like at Wealthy Affiliate.

BONUS#1: Weekly Live Interactive Classes

As a premium member, you have access to live classes delivered by the training industry expert, Jay, every single week.

You are covered when it comes to gaining insights into new edge strategies and trends.


BONUS #2: Online Entrepreneur Certification Lessons

These courses will help you to succeed within any niche or category online.

Training is updated regularly to keep you ahead of the competition and industry trends.

Certification courses are subdivided into 5 different phases, each comprising 10 lessons.

Premium members have access to all 50 courses while free members can only access the first 10.

BONUS #3: Video Walk-Throughs

Every training lesson on this platform is accompanied by a video Walk-through.

Reading tons of text alone could be very difficult to deal with. Not only do you easily get offtrack, very simple things become difficult to understand.

A video walk-through will help you understand both the simple and difficult things by actually walking through the process practically.


BONUS #4: Affiliate Bootcamp Training Lessons

Affiliate Bootcamp is going to take you from a potential newbie in the ”make money” niche, and turn you into a thriving and successful entrepreneur.

Many members are sharing success stories, to encourage others to follow the training and become successful at it too.

Affiliate Bootcamp is comprised of 7 phases of 10 lessons each. Only the first phase is available to free members.

These Bootcamp courses are also applicable to any other niche. What does this imply? In addition to the 50 certification lessons from the principal certification program, you equally get access to 70 additional courses, making it a total of 120 courses for your online business.

The decision to succeed here really depends on you, since everything you need to thrive online is at your disposal. 

BONUS #5: Training Modules

We are not done yet. Your resources don’t end only at the level of certification and Bootcamp courses.

There are thousands of training modules covering practically everything you need to know about running an online business.

Everyday single day, new modules are being created by community members, using the ”community training” program.

Experts in respective areas are also very actively contributing to your education on this platform, and you gain full access as a  premium member to all of them FREE OF CHARGE. 

BONUS #6: Classrooms

This platform has the most diverse subset of training in the world, especially concerning the many different ways in which you can build a business and monetize it online.

In the various classrooms, a rich diversity of subjects are covered, including the following: eCommerce, drop-shipping, Ad-sense, Facebook ads, SEO, paid per click, etc.

If you don’t see a particular training you are looking for, just request it, an an expert in the community will create one for you. 

Premium members have access to 12 classrooms , while free members have access to 2.



BONUS #7: Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training

As a premium member of this community, you can make money simply by giving back to the community. 

After 3 months of becoming a premium member, you have the possibility of creating your own video training, tutorials and courses. 

This is a great way to subsidize your membership fees, especially if you are really good at a particular field.

BONUS #8: Personal Blog

You have your own profile blog space to use and share your online journey and experiences.

The blogs published on your blog space are easily ranked by Google.

This would mean an increased potential to gain more referrals because anyone carrying out a search online and stumbles on your blog, could sign up and go premium.

BONUS #9: Training Head Quarters (HQ)

This is where you will find all available training on the platform. Just by searching for a particular keyword, a multitude of options will be displayed for your convenience.

Don’t get confused with the step by step guide created by the founders themselves, which is accessible through your certification courses. Refer to your entrepreneur certification lessons above.

Training HQ is a bit different in the sense that, it bring together all available courses, tutorials, and training materials in one pool: those created by the owners, and those created by community members as well.

BONUS #10: Live Events

”Live Events” is an independent menu that brings together all live classes that have previously been held before.

It goes further to include a calendar of future live events, so you could have a sneak peek of what’s coming up next and prepare for it, by assembling a list of questions you would like to ask during the next live event.

Do you now agree with me that this platform is indeed an Affiliate Marketing university? There’s no better place out there to learn affiliate marketing than this one.


''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??
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