If you want help with your internet marketing business, this platform has got it in different facets.

Getting stuck and not knowing what to do could be very frustrating, and not healthy for your online business.

Get instant help as soon as any difficulty arises.

Wealthy Affiliate Is One Big Community That Is Ironically Very Intimate And Amazingly Helpful


You find the largest base of aspiring and successful Internet entrepreneurs in the world here. Advancing your network and online business couldn’t be easier.

To succeed you need to surround yourself with like-minded people. Being part of this community gives you the ability to network with “ultra successful” marketers on a day in and day out basis.

Check out these 7 channels of help that this community offers you to thrive with your online business.


BONUS #1: Site Support

SiteSupport grants you direct access to the ”server administrators”. This is awesome because you get to contact the engineers behind the technology directly!

The process is made incredibly easy through the use of a ticketing system, that enables you to submit a complaint only within seconds.

And how much time do you have to wait to hear from these experts? The average response time is only 5 mins even on Sundays!!! 

BONUS #2: Live Chat

Drop your questions at live chat, and anyone currently available will attend to you. And mind you, Live Chat is active every second. 

It’s the fastest way of getting your urgent problems solved since there are always thousands of members interacting at live chat, at any given point in time.

This community is the most active business social media for growing entrepreneurs ever created.

BONUS #3: Ask A Question

This is one of the many facilities that you can leverage within your membership to get “near instant” help. It’s a natural part of the learning process to ask questions.

This channel allows you to ask your question on any topic to the entire community. Members will be notified when your question goes live, and anyone who can help will do just that.

BONUS #4: Private Message

Do you want to get more personal, or do you have an issue not meant to be dealt with publicly? Go ahead and contact any of the 1.4 million members through private messaging.

There are times when our personal issues interfere with our business lives, and just by texting to other like minded people can make all the difference.

Reach out and share your burdens. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to contact millionaire affiliates directly. I use this particular tool a lot.

You don’t get this opportunity anywhere else online.

BONUS #5: Contact The Owners Directly!

How many platforms online in general give you direct access to their respective owners? I’ve not yet come across one that does this.

Here the transparency is taken to the next level. You reach out to either Kyle or Carson, and they will take the time out to solve your problems 1-on-1.

BONUS #6: Personal Mentor

Each and every member here is automatically assigned to the senior member under whose account your signup was completed. 

He/she has the responsible to make sure that all your queries are attended to.

When I became member of this community, and discovered the unlimited sources of help available here, I never for once contacted my personal mentor. LOL.

Every other senior member became my mentor. And I like it that way.

BONUS #7: Top Helpers

Search, identify and contact the most reliable people who can help you with relative ease, and save more time to grow your business.

This new functionality makes it incredibly easy to identity those community members who are famous for helping others, and contact them directly.


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