What Is The Traffic Jeet 4? ?Review EXPOSES 05 SHOCKING TRUTHS? Discussed Only Here. Is It A Scam?

?What Is The Traffic Jeet 4? Review-Scam?


What Is The Traffic Jeet 4 system by Cyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta when it comes to ranking your YouTube videos on position #1 of YouTube and acquiring all the free traffic from the most popular search engine online today? Well then, read the Traffic Jeet 4 Review which EXPOSES 05 SHOCKING TRUTHS Discussed Only Here Extensively. Is It A Scam?



Name Description
Product Name: TRAFFIC JEET 4
Product Price $37 + UPSELLS
Product Owner Cyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta
Category YouTube Keyword Search Analytics
Best For YouTube Channel Owners
Overall Score 2/10






My summary table has said it all:




Go to complete review to discover the 05 shocking truths you need to know about the Traffic Jeet 4 system.
















1.1What Is The Traffic Jeet 4 Solution?✌

The Traffic Jeet 4 Solution is a product by Cyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta that offers SEO tools to help you select the best YouTube keywords for your YouTube videos. This platform is comprised of 6 different research and analysis tools as shown on the image below:


?What Is The Traffic Jeet 4? Review-Scam?


Find Keywords

This tool will help you search for keywords in any niche. The results of your search will include:

  • the search volume,
  • information with regards to keyword similarities with other keywords, meaning if you choose one, you can rank for the others;
  • information related to the number of videos already occupying positions on the first page of Google.


Top Videos

Top Videos will help you to identify popular videos on any given keyword as well. It provides certain information about each video such as:

  • The name of the YouTube channel that uploaded the video;
  • Age of the video;
  • Category;
  • Likes;
  • Dislikes;
  • Number of views;
  • Comments;
  • Description


Analyze Videos

This feature helps you to get more information about a specific video, one at a time. How does it work, you would have to copy and paste the specific URL of the YouTube video you are interested in for analysis, and the following information would be displayed:

  • All the information included for ”Top Videos” PLUS
  • TAGS.

So basically ”Analyze Videos” helps you to identify tags used in any videos you are analyzing.


Video Ranker

Used to monitor the ranking fluctuations of videos with a particular keyword over time. This feature can help you to identify videos whose rankings are improving over time, to enable you to create videos about the same keywords as well, if interested.

You can also compare your rankings with that of your competitors, and spy on what they are doing right if their videos are performing much better.


Keyword Checker

If you have a list of keywords, you can paste them all here to find those keywords that don’t yet have any videos featuring on the first page of Google, and target them for video creation if interested.


Rank Checker

You can follow up the ranks of various keywords over time with this tool.






1.1PROS Of The Traffic Jeet 4 Package✌


1✌ ”Top Video” Tool Provides Great Insights On How Competitors Describe Their Videos✌

This tool actually gives you access to certain information about your competitors’ YouTube videos, including the description area. In this way, you can get to see and mimic their strategies in order to rank your own YouTube videos much faster as well.


2✌ I’m Impressed With Their Guarantee To Offer 24/7 Live Chat Support✌

Very few platforms online today offer live chat support, which unfortunately is very critical to the success of the members within.

Even though I’ve not yet bought and used the Traffic Jeet 4 product for reasons which have been explained in great details further down the Traffic Jeet 4 review below, if you are interested in signing up, make sure you verify the effectiveness of their live chat service during your money-back guarantee period.

I’m saying this because while I was visiting their sale page, their live chat service was offline. Check out the image below:


?What Is The Traffic Jeet 4? Review-Scam?

Well, perhaps inside the members’ area, the experience would be different. Whatever the case might be, make sure this service is fully operational during your trial period.






1.2??The Traffic Jeet 4 Review Exposes 05 Shocking Truths Discussed Only Here In Details!??




1 ?Sales Page And Video Contain Misleading Information With Regards To The Components Of The Traffic Jeet 4 System?

Here is the first truth.

While checking out the Traffic Jeet 4 solution for this review, I realized that there was some misleading information with regards to the components of this product. Please check out the following image below:


?What Is The Traffic Jeet 4? Review-Scam?


You can clearly see from the image above that the sales pages are advertising a solution to make you rank #1 in YouTube search engines. I know this difference is not quite clear especially for the novice, but I will explain.

If you’ve had the opportunity to run a blog and monetize it through the consistent creation of content, you will understand better what I’m trying to point out here.

The process of identifying great keywords for your blogs is quite different from that of ranking that particular keyword.

You will need specific keyword research tools to help you select keywords that will facilitate the ranking process in search engines.

Talking about the ranking itself, there are appropriate training resources to help you make the selected keywords to rank well in search engines.


So what I’m trying to say is that the same logic applies to rank YouTube videos. These are two different phases, and while the Traffic Jeet 4 solution offers great help in identifying keywords that can rank well on YouTube, no resources are offered by Traffic Jeet 4 to help you implement the SEO work and effectively rank the selected keywords to make them rank.

You can find great keywords with the tools Traffic Jeet 4 offers, but with no knowledge on how to rank them, those keywords are as good as nothing, literally taking you back to square 1.












2 ?The Traffic Jeet 4 Module, ”Find Keywords” Lack Some Indispensable Features?

This is another shocking truth you must consider as it is very important for an effective keyword search analysis.

One of the great resources offered by this platform is a keyword tool to help you search and identify great YouTube keywords that can easily rank. Check out the image below to see how the ”Find Keywords” interphase looks like when launched:


?What Is The Traffic Jeet 4? Review-Scam?

When you click on ”Find Keywords” as you can see above, a dialogue box will appear where you can key in your search term and start searching. The results are what you see above.

”A” above corresponds to the number of words in the phrase.

”B”, probably the number of searches the keywords gets per month. Not so sure as it’s not clearly defined.

”C” shows you the similarity that exists with listed keywords, meaning if you use any one of them, you can also rank for the others.

”D” shows you the number of videos for any given keyword, that are already ranking on the first page of Google.


??So What Is The Shocking Truth Here? Find Below The Indispensable Features The Traffic Jeet 4’s ”Find Keywords” Tool Does Not Have:??
  • No Reliable Competition Analysis For Each Keyword. I guess the creator of this tool considered the ”Google Page 1” tab very suitable to provide information as to the nature of the competition for any given keyword. But here is the thing. If a keyword already has 3 videos appearing on the first page of Google, for instance, it doesn’t mean that you cannot still rank for that keyword. The ”Google Page 1” option is a vague analysis.
  • No Information With Regards To The Total Number Of Videos Available For Any Given Keyword. You should not only be interested in the number of videos on the first page of Google. You need to know how many videos exist overall to have a bigger picture. You don’t want to create a video on a search term that already has about 1 000 000 videos.
  • No Information With Regards To The Difficulty Level Of Any Given Keywords. Some keyword tools will have this option created separately, and I cannot say with precision the metrics used to produce the final results. It could take into account, the first two points mentioned above, as well as other factors such as the authority of the YouTube channels that already have videos published on any given term. Whatever metric is used, a separate tab to identify the difficulty level of any given keyword with ease would certainly make keyword selection easier.


I can only conclude that the Traffic Jeet 4 keyword solution still needs a lot of improvement, making it very unreliable for anyone to use for now.








3 ?The ”Top videos” Tool Does Not Provide Relevant Pertinent Information For Decision-Making Purposes.?

Watch out for the next shocking truth being exposed below.

What’s actually the use of the ”Top Videos” tool?

It seems it’s only there to show you the top videos, likes, etc. Be careful not just to get excited and start creating videos for the same keywords without checking the following pertinent information:

  • The authority of the channels in question;
  • The competition of the keyword;
  • The current number of videos in that channel;
  • Etc…


If you create a video without checking the indicators above, don’t be surprised if your videos disappear completely from YouTube search engines because of insane competition. Unfortunately, there is just no information provided here to help you determine how fierce the competition is for that given keyword.

The one good thing I can identify with the ”Top Videos” tool in the Traffic Jeet 4 bundle, is the possibility to spy on competitors’ video description and be able to come up with one for you as well. There’s nothing more to it.







4 ?The ”Analyze Video” Tool Is Per Video?

This is yet another truth that the affiliates of this system will hide from you.

Unlike the other features (Top Videos to be more specific),  where you can view statistics related to several videos in one go, ”Analyze Video” would require that you research only one video at a time. This could be painstaking and time-consuming.

That’s not all. The only additional information you get access to using this feature is the possibility to see the tags used for that particular video. Every other information inside is the replica of ”Top Videos”.

I wonder why ”Jeet” had to create an entirely new tab just to harvest tags. This configuration would have been included in the ”Top Videos” tool to make analysis more interesting and informative.








5 ?The ”Keyword Checker”  And ”Rank Checker” Are All Redundant Tools?

You need to know this shocking truth about the serious duplication taking place here.

What do I mean by redundancy in this context? Let me explain.

Keyword Checker

The only purpose of ”Keyword Checker” is to enable you to identify those keywords not having any videos ranking on Google’s first page. So if you have a list of keywords, you can copy and paste here, and search.

When the results are displayed, you would have to click on the ”Google Page 1” tab to find out if there are some videos here.


Rank Checker

Rank checker equally performs the duty of Video Ranker. Technically they are all the same, with a slight difference being that Rank Checker shows statistics of the fluctuations of video ranks, in both figures and graphs, whereas Video Ranker uses only bar charts to portray the same fluctuations.


The question I have here is this:




If we really want to report the real number of features that the Traffic Jeet 4 system offers, it would boil down to the following:

  • Find Keywords;
  • Top Videos;
  • Video Ranker.




This is not cool. What are your thoughts on this? Let’s interact  IN THE COMMENTS SECTION HERE.







1.3A Great Alternative For Traffic Jeet 4⭐



While there are many YouTube keyword resources out there that you can take advantage of to generate subscribers and views for your YouTube channel, I found one particular solution, compelling, appealing and different:VidIQ

VidIQ might not be a perfect solution, but here are some of the tons of reasons I prefer VidIQ over the Traffic Jeet 4 system:

  • One of the keywords tools that is targeted to the analysis of YouTube Traffic;
  • Helps you to identify the best time to post your videos;
  • Competitor tracking
  • Trend alerts
  • Live stats bar is available to analyze keywords you type in YouTube as you search along;
  • Keyword research tool
  • SEO Title And Description Recommendations
  • Inline tagging recommendations;
  • Facebook syndication
  • Keyword difficulty level
  • Over 100 tools to take the understanding of your YouTube channel statistics to the next level, not the 3 provided by the Traffic Jeet 4 package.
  • Etc Etc Etc


And so much more. Watch the brief demo below to have an excellent overview:













I would not classify the Traffic Jeet 4 system as a scam, but:




If you wish to take your YouTube experience to the next level, then use the recommendation in the Traffic Jeet 4 review above.

You should consider creating your own Affiliate Marketing website as well in order to maximize the monetization potential of your YouTube channels. When your channel starts getting millions of views and hundreds of subscribers thanks to the recommendation in my review above, your affiliate marketing earnings can literally explode, as you would be able to make product recommendations to the viewers who trusted you enough to subscribe and generate a substantive income online in the process. How cool can this be?

Wondering where to get started with learning how to create an affiliate marketing website?

I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Traffic Jeet 4 Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



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