?The WP Video Machine Review Discusses 07 FACTS REVEALED ONLY HERE-Scam Or Real Deal??

?The WP Video Machine Review Scam?


The WP Video Machine Review Discusses 07 FACTS REVEALED ONLY HERE which you definitely need to check out before deciding whether or not to install this plugin on your website. Ankur Shukla is definitely a smart creator, but most often, these creators don’t have long term goals for their targeted audience in mind. As soon as I went through the sales video and page of the WP Video Machine, I knew I was going to signup for it immediately, but then it hit me. What exactly? Is the WP Video Machine A Scam?

Read on to discover.



Name Description
Product Price $27 + UPSELLS
Product Owner Ankur Shukla
Category Marketing With YouTube
Overall Score 4.5/10


This is my personal point of view of this plugin:




Continue reading for more.














1.1How The WP Video Machine Works✌

I will endeavor to be as succinct in this section as possible, as there are excellent videos out there that take you through the WP Video Machine plugin from beginning to end. You will rather find more value in my critical analysis section pointing out the pros and the cons of this plugin.

I’ve presented information there that you will find nowhere else online but here.




Getting Started With The WP Video Machine

The steps are simple:

  • Download the plugin file
  • Upload it to your WordPress site
  • Install plugin
  • Activate

Once your plugin is activated, your WordPress dashboard will look like the one you see in the image below:



The WP Video Machine will appear as a separate section on your dashboard, offering 5 different options:



Visiting the settings option is the very first move to make after activation your plugin, and there are simple instructions available to set this up. It’s in this area that you get to integrate your YouTube channel into your WordPress site. This process allows the WP Video Machine plugin to automatically post your videos to YouTube directly without you having to leave your website, as it’s always the case.

New Videos

This is where you can start creating your videos from scratch. You can actually manually create content here without necessarily using any blog posts from your websites.


You will find the list of created videos here.


This option provides a list of all your posts, from which you can select any one of them to start the automatic process of the creation of your video.









b. Components Of The WP Video Machine Front-End Package

Check out the list below:

  • Fully automated video creator for WordPress, as it turns any blog posts into videos. You can edit to reduce the length depending on your preferences.
  • You can equally automatically upload your video to YouTube with just the click of a button;
  • Option to automatically add relevant tags to your YouTube videos is available;
  • The WP Video Plugin can equally automatically generate the title and description of your video;
  • It gets even better, as the feature automatically creates backlinks from the YouTube videos back to your blog posts;
  • You can add video to your blog post with just a click of the button;
  • Share the video on several social media platforms with a single click as well
  • The images included in your posts are automatically fetched and presented for use in the video. You also have the possibility to search the WP Video Machine database of images using tags. It comprises over a million free photos.
  • You have the option to automatically convert your text to voice-over in order to create talking videos;
  • Choose between a male and female voice over;
  • About 7 different languages for your voice over;

That’s basically what you get in the front-end package.







c. Prices Of The WP Video Machine Plugin

Check out the price structure below:


?The WP Video Machine Review Scam?


With 5 different upsells included with the WP Video Machine plugin, no wonder you see a ton of positive reviews online. I’m usually not a fan of upsells, so the critical analysis presented further down the WP Video Machine will focus strictly on the front-end package of $27.







1.1PROS Of The WP Video Machine✌


1✌ 30 – Day Money Back Guarantee✌

Reasonable period to try things out and see for yourself.


2✌ ”An Incredibly Easy Solution To Generate Traffic From YouTube✌

If you have not yet started using YouTube, or even considered the possibilities of creating a YouTube channel, then you are missing out big time on a free traffic source which happens to be insanely unexploited today as compared to other search engines.

YouTube is the second largest search engine online. Don’t you want to tap into the traffic flooding that area? Yeah, you are absolutely right to think that only the brave and the handsome are dominating YouTube with their good looks and beautiful voices.

But I need you to understand that there are tons of solutions popping up today, to give the shy like you and me a voice and a chance??. I run a YouTube channel too for my website WORK WITH HOME JOBS, but I don’t feature in my videos (even though that would have been great), and traffic from there is building up very nicely. And the most interesting part? It’s working faster than the other search engines. I know without any atom of doubt that traffic from YouTube will be my main source of traffic in the long run.

So I can attest to the fact that creating a YouTube channel for your blog will certainly double the inflow of traffic because this is actually happening to me right now. What solution am I using? You will soon discover.

The WP Video Machine is equally a great solution to establish a presence on YouTube without necessarily going through the complicated process of buying cameras or going to studios just to get help with creating videos.

Now with only a few clicks, and right inside your very own WordPress blog, you can literally transfer all your blog content to YouTube. This is just amazing.


3✌ No Quota With The Front-End Package✌

I equally realized that no quota was mentioned with regards to the number of blog posts you can transform into videos, meaning that you can use it at will until you have successfully converted all your blog posts into videos.

If this is actually the case, then this tool is pretty amazing, and with just the front-end package (I mean ignore the upsells), all your YouTube creation needs are completely covered.


4✌ The Front-End Package Is Cheap For What It Has To Offer✌

The price of $27 for this plugin is literally a steal for the services it has to offer. Video creation solutions online are relatively very, expensive to begin with, and the opportunity that the WP Video Machine presents to you is one that should not be missed.

?Or should you even get the plugin? You will soon find out.?

If you have watched the video reviews out there, you would immediately understand that the voice over used here, even though not perfect, is a significant improvement to other video solutions that also include voice over in their packages.

Great job to the creator of this solution, Ankur.






1.2??The WP Video Machine Review Discusses ?07 FACTS REVEALED ONLY HERE? ?



Before I delve into the 07 Facts About The WP Video Machine Plugin which have been revealed only in this review, I need to highlight the fact that the WP Video Machine product is one of the very few online that has succeeded to impress me to a reasonable extent.

However, there are some important issues which I need Ankur to sort out. Some are very critical, while others are just to make the user experience more enjoyable and dynamic.

Go to the following section to check them out.








1 ?There Is Only One Template?

Here is the first fact: Only one video template is available.

Who is familiar with the phrase ”VARIETY IS BEAUTY”?

The only possibility you have with the single template available is to change the font sizes and background colors. This is particularly true if you want to use the text to speech option.

With a lot of people buying and using the WP Video Machine, the videos they will produce will all look the same, and this is not really good if you always want to stand out and distinguish yourself.

Building a brand online is all about uniqueness and reputation. Your audience should be able to identify your videos and link them to you, but with the WP Video Machine solution, that might not be the case.

You would need to figure a way of making your videos unique since you don’t get a variety of templates with the WP Video Machine.








2 ?Limited Number Of Voice-Overs – Some Languages Do Not Have Voice Overs In Both Sexes.?

Even though this fact is not critical, it’s worth mentioning.

There are several languages supported by the WP Video Machine plugin. Check out the list below to see the languages available:


?The WP Video Machine Review Scam?


Now here is some variety to choose from. So what we are expecting is that there should be a corresponding male and female voice over for each of the languages above. That is however not the case with all of them, thereby limiting the number of voice-overs available.

This was particularly the case with UK English, which has only the female voiceover. Check out the image below to see what I’m talking about:


?The WP Video Machine Review Scam?


Whether this is a glitch or not, I cannot tell, but if it happens to one, there’s a high likelihood that it is happening to the others as well. While this does not impact the effectiveness of the WP Video Machine plugin, it’s definitely something worth drawing your attention to.









3 ?No Control Over Where To Place Specific Images In The Video?

This is another fact you shouldn’t ignore.

The WP Video Machine gives you the possibility to choose from millions of images in their database and use in all your videos. That’s not all. You get to use your very own customized images in your blog as well.

This is an excellent feature, but here is the thing:




The plugin will just use all the images. So how is this a problem? Let me explain using my experience with videos as an example.

When creating content for my blog, I love to use explanatory images with comments, arrows, question marks, etc,  written all over them. When creating my videos for the related blogs, I make sure I use my customized images on relevant slides.

If a slide is talking about how much money I have made online for instance, and I’ve already included screenshots of the proof in my blog, that’s the image I will use for that particular video slide.

Creating your videos in that manner has the following advantages

  • It makes the understanding of the video easy for the viewer;
  • It makes the flow of events more relevant and customized;
  • The viewer would not just have the feeling of watching a robotic video with a pack of pictures, as he would realize that the pictures were carefully selected to portray a particular message.

You don’t get this privilege with the WP Video Machine, and the resulting videos would be far less dynamic.







4?No Control Over The Timing Of Your Video Slides?

Know this fact about managing the timing of your video slides.

You cannot deny the fact that there is some key information you would like to use to capture the attention of your viewers when they are watching your videos. A video creator should give you the opportunity to increase the time duration of certain slides which contain important information.

It’s true that the viewer can just pause the video, but what if he/she does not know that that particular information is important? This unique feature gives you the opportunity to impose relevant information on the viewer in a polite and unconscious way (unconsciousness on the part of the viewer).

Unfortunately, you don’t get this feature with the WP Video Machine plugin.








5???Now This Is A Critical Observation You Must Take very Seriously: The WP Video Machine Plugin Can Negatively Affect The Speed Of Your Website???

Whether this is an observation or a fact, will strictly depend on you.

I was going to rate this product, a 75% (I was getting very excited that I had finally come across a digital product that is worthy of its name), but because of this particular observation, I had to take down 30 points! Rest assured that I will never recommend a product that has long term negative consequences. I know what it takes to build a business online, and the very idea of losing it overnight sends chills down my spine.


When it comes to best practice with regards to videos,




It’s dangerous to upload video files to your website, but what about creating them right inside your very own website and hosting them? Sounds more dangerous.

Here are 10 reasons why you should never host your own videos.

While the idea of doubling your traffic by targeting YouTube is gracious, you don’t want to make a move that will instead kill your website in little or no time. Many less experienced people will rush for this product and get it right away without doing their due diligence. I almost did, even though I’m experienced.

If you take a closer look at the WP Video Plugin, it’s actually operating like all other video creation platforms that have specific resources to manage their bandwidth and other tasks related to the creation of videos. These are sophisticated and specific resources which I doubt your WordPress blog will have to manage all created videos efficiently.

Some things you should worry about would be speed, storage, bandwidth as already mentioned above, etc…

The WP Video Machine is definitely a new creation in our time to help us out with creating videos, but has there been any beta testing phase to test this product to determine whether there would be negative consequences, especially in the long run? The thing is that new products always appear to work in the beginning, but the long term always brings bad luck.

I just went back to the sales page to check it out for the second time to verify if any information was provided with regards to beta testing. There was none actually.

Starting all over is the worse nightmare for any online entrepreneur.

For the time being. life will be awesome, but before long, you will face the risk of losing both traffic from your YouTube channel and websites/blogs. The worse part is your website, especially if it’s been around for a reasonable period of time such as 5 years.

Do you think this point is irrelevant? Well, if so, you can use your very own website as a beta tester for the WP Video Machine plugin, and watch what happens to your speed, storage, etc,  after you must have created 100 videos on your website.

War betides you if your hosting service is using a shared server.







6?No Preview Of Background Music Before Selection?

Did you also know this fact about background music previews? Let me explain.

The WP Video Machine includes a variety of background music which is awesome. Check out the image below to see some:


?The WP Video Machine Review Scam?


But this is the major problem I have with this feature: you cannot listen to the preview before selecting.

I for one have specific tastes for specific occasions, and that holds true for my very own YouTube videos. Without any option to listen to a preview before choosing any track, you are left to gambling and chance to help you with the process.

So what happens if the track you selected does not really suit your taste? Well, start all over. While this is no big deal for the newbie, experienced marketers know that time is everything, and will always look for effective solutions that will help them to gain more time.








7?You Still Need To Learn About YouTube SEO?

Yes, the fact is that you still need to learn SEO.

Of course, the WP Video Machine helps you to generate your titles and description, especially when posting them to YouTube. But how would you be able to audit to verify if they are appropriate or not? Without any knowledge about how to rank your videos in YouTube, you will face challenges at this level.

You don’t want to leave the entire process to a simple man-plugin because they are not intelligent.

You cannot just content yourself with the automatically generated information, meaning that you must rewrite it for it to meet YouTube SEO best practices.

Experienced marketers on YouTube are well too familiar with what is going on there, but if you are a newbie, to be on a better side, get resources to rank your YouTube videos yourself.





1.3A Great Alternative To The WP Video Machine⭐



Let me share with you some characteristics of the video service I’m currently using for the rapid creation of videos from my blog content. Here are the advantages related to this awesome alternative:

  • It’s an independent video creation platform meaning you don’t have to bother about the speed of your website;
  • It offers dozens of templates to meet the needs of a variety of people, unlike the WP Video Machine that offers only one;
  • You have absolute control over where to place your images in your videos;
  • You can listen to any background music preview before selecting the most appropriate one;
  • You can also control the timing of your video slides;
  • More than 10 million images to choose from;
  • Millions of audio files to choose from;
  • You can also upload your own images;
  • You can add your logo to all your videos;
  • You can search both video and audio files by keying in a particular word. For instance, youtube, dancers, apples, just anything. It makes the task incredibly easy;
  • In addition to image animations, there are video animations as well;
  • A true drag and drop interface;
  • There is a free membership;
  • And tons of other features


This platform is continually being updated to improve the user experience and I’m really surprised at how very few people know about this opportunity.




Well, if you are a fan of text to speech, this platform does not have that feature.

I was very fortunate to come across this platform at its beta phase, and I was given access to literally everything, including unlimited video creation and downloads. For the past 3 months or so, I’ve made close to 100 videos free of charge.

???This has added a permanent source of traffic from YouTube to this website as well.???

Oh, how easy it is to use my top recommendation. Now the beta phase is over. Even though free membership is still available, the options have been reduced to about 10 videos per month.

This is still quite a catch giving the premium services it offers. I strongly recommend that you access this platform now and start exploring what they offer.

10 videos published to YouTube every month and consistently, could make significant increases to your website traffic. Besides, it’s free. You lose nothing.










Definitely not. In fact, I was rather pleased by this new creation by Ankur Shukla, but:




Without any reliable information available to prove that this plugin will not hurt your site speed in the long run, I will not mislead you to get this plugin installed on your website.

??Hosting your own videos on your website is a move you don’t want to make.??


Have you started an affiliate marketing blog yet? If no, why? Is it because you fear it’s difficult? If that’s your main worry, then fear no more. You will be shocked at the fun you will find building your business around your very own passions.


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my WP Video Machine Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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