?The Viral Traffic Builder Review ?Explains 05 Things To Do To Make The Viral Traffic Builder Work In Your Favor?

?The Viral Traffic Builder Review?


The Viral Traffic Builder Review Explains 05 Things To Do To Make The Viral Traffic Builder Work in your favor and that of your finances. This is actually one of the few digital marketing products online that have impressed me so far.

Read on to discover.



Name Description
Product Price $28.95+ UPSELLS
Product Owner Abhi Dwivedi
Category Building Following On Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr
Official Website


Overall Score 9/10



Several prices have been observed online, but they all range between $27 to $32. I cannot explain the discrepancy with that on the sales page, where it reads $27. Well, it’s pretty normal during product launches.


This is my personal point of view of this software:




I’ve explained the reasons in my complete review below.











1.1What Is The Viral Traffic Builder & How Does It Work?✌

The Viral Traffic Builder is software that allows you to either automatically or manually build a following on social media through viral content. Seriously, that’s all there is to it.

What happens is that depending on the preferences you set and the periodicity (plus other parameters involved which have been explained in the video included below), the Viral Traffic Builder will automatically search videos, images, news items, etc, and publish them on your integrated social media accounts on your behalf. This can be done either automatically or manually.

The platform is incredibly easy to use as you are soon to find out. Further down you will discover an analytical review of the Viral Traffic Builder not contained in any videos online. That’s where you will have greater insights as to the pros and cons of the Viral Traffic Builder.

That said, if you are looking to build a massive social media following on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, you might want to continue reading to understand better how the Viral Traffic Builder works.







Getting Started With The Viral Traffic Builder

When you get the software, you will be given access to the members’ area which looks like what you see on the image below:


?The Viral Traffic Builder Review?



The very first step is setting up your social media profiles, Twitter, Facebook and Twitter using the Authorization tab.



This is where you will find the lists of posts already published, as well as scheduled ones.


Dashboard, Automation & New Post

You click Dashboard to actually activate the automation template.

There are actually 2 ways that this platform helps you to build up your social media following:

  • Either you fully automate the process with the Automation Option, or
  • You manually take full control over the process and make a specific selection of what you want to post on your social media account using the New Post option.


In fact, check out the video below for a more explicit explanation of the Viral Traffic Builder’s members’ area. You can skip all the bonus sections and fast forward to the members’ area instead:



Please let me draw your attention to the links you include when using the manual options. There is a controversy online, with some marketers, seemingly those who don’t really understand how the system works, are misleading others to think that you can actually insert your own affiliate links into the respective images and videos selected.

You need to leave the original URL suggested, as it belongs to that of the original content. If you delete it and replace it with another link, your post will not be published, as it’s a compulsory requirement link back to the original source of the content.











b. Components Of The Viral Traffic Builder Package







c. Prices Of The Viral Traffic Builder

Check out the price structure below:



Simple pricing structure with a lot of upsells to favor the affiliates. I hope the image above is self-explanatory enough.

Note however that the prices are fluctuation during this launching period, but not much. I guess it’s only normal. Ranges between $27-$32 for the front end package.









1✌ 30 – Day Money Back Guarantee✌

Reasonable period to try things out and see for yourself.


2✌ Ethical Method To Build A Following ✌

It’s mainly because of this point that the Viral Traffic Builder software will receive a favorable rating on my part.

If you are used to reading my reviews, you would have discovered by now that any digital product online, no matter how cool it is in terms of tools, or whether the marketers have an honorable reputation online, ??THAT ENCOURAGES THE USERS TO STEAL CONTENT OR ANY OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY??, will receive a negative review rating from me.

While I was going through the Viral Traffic Builder’s members’ area,  I realized that you have the possibility to insert links when trying to post original content to your social media accounts using the manual approach. I got very disappointed to realize that you can modify links, but much to my relief, once you change any links to the original content of the media you are trying to post, your article will not be published.

This is just amazing. You don’t take peoples’ content and receive the credit. I’m glad for once to have come across a digital product that shares similar business ethics as myself.


3✌ Wide Range Of Categories Available To Extract Viral Content From ✌

I was also impressed by the dynamic mix of media sources. You have the opportunity to choose from the following categories in order to search for viral content within any niche:

  • News
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Web.

⭐⭐The Viral Traffic Builder platform is literally linked to the entire internet!!!⭐⭐


And if you select News, you immediately realize that you have access to international news platforms such as BBC news, ABC news… In fact, just check out the image below to see what I’m talking about:


?The Viral Traffic Builder Review?


We are talking about ABC News, BBC News, USA Today,… all top and international news broadcast platforms. I don’t see any other better way of rapidly and effectively building a following online around a particular niche topic like this one.

Well, at least for now.

Seriously, I’m really excited about this tool for you. I went to grab links to the respective news sites, and literally got clued reading all the exciting trends and viral content there.??

You should definitely try the Viral Traffic Builder.


4✌ Cheap For The Services Offered At The Front End 

There are several affiliate marketers out there who have struggled to build a following online for their respective niches for years. What if you found an ethical and autopilot solution that will do the work for you behind the scenes? That’s the better part. While you focus on finding affiliate offers and creating content around them, your social media accounts are busy drawing the right audience without any physical effort on your part.

And for how much? $27 for the front end package. Experienced marketers know exactly what to do with this tool because you don’t just hook up your personal accounts.

If you are a complete newbie, don’t worry. We will talk more about this when evaluating the cons of the Viral Traffic Builder.


5✌ Increased Options To Manually Post To Your Social Media Accounts 

The Viral Traffic Builder integrates a manual option to create a post right from inside it’s platform and post directly to the respective social media accounts. This time around you can include your own personalized links since the original source is from you. Fair enough.

While you have the option to go directly to your accounts such as Twitter and create a tweet, cross-posting has been a proven method to increase your authority and brand online.

I love the fact the Viral Traffic Builder can help you to boost your brand online.






1.2?The Viral Traffic Builder Review Explains? 05 Things To Do ?To Make The Viral Traffic Builder Work – NEWBIES ONLINE: PLEASE TAKE NOTE! ?



Let me make some clarficatons about the Viral Traffic Builder before diving deep into the cons.

As an experienced marketer online, I strongly believe that this tool is awesome, not only because it’s ethical, but also because you can significantly and effectively increase your following on the trending social media platforms without necessarily participating there actively.

If you are using the automatic option, make sure to make a proper niche selection in order to avoid any disappointments on the information being posted there. Also be sure to visit those accounts regularly to control what has been posted, in order to modify selection criteria accordingly. So don’t just fold your arms and sit.

You also want to make sure you are not violating the number of times you are posting on the respective platforms, as each of them has their limits. So be careful not to abuse the automation process and attract penalties to your account.

You take the above measures, and the Viral Traffic Builder will work in your favor.

That said, the cons you are about to discover below, are mostly related to newbies, and my overall rating will not be significantly impacted by what you are about to discover.

Because if we focus on the main purpose of the Viral Traffic Builder, which is to help you build a following on social media alone, then I strongly believe that Rashvin did a great job.


??Everything else now depends on whether he can keep the platform constantly updated, improved and performant. This is something I cannot guarantee you.??


If for any reason you bought this product and didn’t like it, please feel free to return to this post and leave a comment. Others will be glad to learn from your experience.








1 ?Newbies, You Don’t Start An Online Business By Pursuing Traffic. Why??

If you want to make money online, it’s not chance, coincidence or luck. It’s a well thought out systematic approach which has it’s beginning, body and end.

Making money online can be summarized in the following 4 major systematic steps:

  • Choose An Interest
  • Build A Website
  • Attract Visitors
  • Earn Revenue


I don’t know if you’ve noticed something. The Viral Traffic Builder actually intervenes at the THIRD STAGE!

It’s 100% logical. If you purchase this software now, what will you be promoting to the traffic that starts building? You need to have a product to sell before you go to the market. Not the other way round. In order to make the Viral Traffic Builder solution work for you, you certainly need to learn how to choose an interest, and a whole lot comes into play here. Once this is done, you will know what type of audience to attract using the Viral Traffic Builder.

You cannot just log into the Viral Traffic Builder platform and start sharing all types of viral content. There is a particular group of people you need to target, and you must learn all about this first.

Marketers online know this very fact, that’s why you see them offering a ton of bonuses, which will only make you more confused. Don’t start a business with bonuses simply because they do not offer a systematic approach to solving your problem. Some go as far as including up to ???25 bonuses. Damn.??? Which one will you start with?


All of this is just to discourage you. What you need is a complete, systematic and step-by-step solution that clearly links all the four steps outlined above IN ONE PLACE. Marketers have broken down the entire system into tiny pieces and selling each part separately or offering them as bonuses.

That said, I will not recommend that you get the Viral Traffic Builder solution. Instead:



Talking about websites, go to the next section to understand why you need one.








2 ?Newbies, You Need A Website And Hosting For The Viral Traffic Builder To Work For You?

And the proof is that marketers online are offering you a bonus related to the creation of squeeze pages. Those pages are hosted somewhere and if you don’t have any, sorry, you will not be able to use the Viral Traffic builder platform.

But Why?

Simply because you are not allowed to post direct affiliate links to social media platforms anymore. I found a great article online with regards to this. Check it out below:


?The Viral Traffic Builder Review?


You need to link any offer to a website, where your audience will find more information about that product and buy where necessary. Yes, your website will house all your affiliate links, and if you have none, you will be wasting your money building a following.

The image above has said it all.








3 ?Newbies, You Need To Learn How To Create Your Social Media Accounts For The Viral Traffic Builder To Work For You?

The very first step when getting the Viral Traffic Builder setup is integrating your social media accounts. This platform assumes that you already have one, meaning if you don’t, you will not be able to use it.

They don’t provide any resources to help you create your social media accounts professionally. It’s for this reason that marketers promoting the Viral Traffic Builder are including bonuses to help you buy other people’s accounts on social media.

Why start out with an account that was banned in the first place? Don’t allow nasty precedents to follow you with your online business. If you learn how to create your social media accounts professionally, you will eventually get thousands of followers with the Viral Traffic Builder solution. How to create social media accounts for business purposes?

Use the link below to learn more about an all-inclusive affiliate marketing solution that includes specific tutorials to help you create your social media accounts the right way:









4?Newbie, You Need To Learn Monetization Techniques In Order For The Viral Traffic Solution To Work In Your Favor?

Supposing you still push through with your decision to purchase the Viral Traffic Builder solution and start getting that traffic, what next? You have to learn to monetize it using specific resources.

Wondering how to monetize and where to get appropriate resources? Answer waiting for you HERE.







5???General Observation; You Might Not Be Lucky Enough To Regularly Have Viral Content In Your Niche???

Some niches will always get hits online effortlessly. Some of them include health (rapid weight loss for instance), politics (is Donald Trump finally building the border wall?), movies, etc.

There would always be viral content out there touching various topics here and there that would go viral within seconds. But other niches might not be able to get that much-needed attention.

You might want to verify your niche before deciding to spend your money buying the Viral Traffic Builder package. That notwithstanding, you can still signup and use your 30-day money back guarantee to test whether your niche of interest consistently has viral content.




1.3NEWBIES, This Is What You Should Do Instead⭐


You should rather get busy following the right path to setting up a business online that you can always fall back to. There is no shortcut to getting it right. A business which belongs to you, and which will open the doors to unlimited opportunities, like the Viral Traffic Builder system.

If you build a business online around Affiliate Marketing, my top recommended method to make money online today, you can literally do any other thing with your website.  Setting up a website has a ton of advantages because you can literally do the following without any exorbitant extra costs:

  • Build unlimited landing pages to promote any offers of your choice
  • Build opt-in pages to capture leads with the same website;
  • Reach out to your subscribers still using the same website;

And so much more.

Don’t freak out because you’ve learned that you have to create a website. It’s no big deal today, especially with the right resources.

There are affiliate marketing resources that make the task much easier by providing a WordPress Compatible SiteBuilder. This site, for instance, WORK WITH HOME JOBS, was built using the builder I’m talking about. No technical skills required. Clear and simple step by step instructions is available for every task.

Do you like the look of my website? Thank you very much if you do, but if you don’t, I will strive to make it much better again. I started out a little over a year ago, not knowing what the term ”WordPress” meant, but now, I can change the theme of my website without any hassle.

If I can, it means you too are capable.










The Viral Traffic Builder is not a scam. That’s not all. It’s one of the few digital products I recommend online:




OK newbies, I had to make that precision. The Viral Traffic Builder will be of no use to you.

You need to first start an online business and be able to take advantage of offers like this one. And my top recommendation for you would be to start an affiliate marketing blog.

Affiliate marketing training resources are very expensive online today, but I’ve found the ultimate steal for you, the one I’m using myself with absolute zero upsells, and spending less than $30/month.


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Viral Traffic Builder Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌



''Stunning Bell'' is a Digital Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She's now earning full-time online thanks to a world-class training platform she accidentally stumbled upon. Connect with her personally at Wealthy Affiliate, where, as an Affiliate Marketer of this university,she was able to make her first dollar online, which eventually transformed into a full-time income.??



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