?The Viddx Review Which Explains 06 Reasons Why Viddx By Mosh Bari Is Risky – Scam Or Real Deal?

?The Viddx Review Which Explains ?06 Reasons Why Viddx By Mosh Bari Is Risky ?- Scam Or Real Deal?


The Viddx Review Which Explains 06 Reasons Why Viddx By Mosh Bari Is Risky has been prepared with your interest in mind, that of helping you to identify opportunities to make money online without any risk of getting involved in legal issues further down this road. While Viddx appears to be a G0d-sent solution at this time when YouTube has acquired its new status as the second largest search engine, you need to check out the legal infringements Viddx is currently guilty of, and determine for yourself whether Viddx is a scam or not.

So what did I uncover? Read on to find out.



Name Description
Product Name: VIDDX
Product Owner Mosh Bari And Crew
Category YouTube Marketing Without Creating Content And Having A Website
Overall Score 3/10


Here Is My Take:










1.1What Is Viddx & How Does It Work?✌

Viddx is a new software by Mosh Bari, that has supposedly found a better alternative to making money online with YouTube, without having to create your own videos, nor even set up a website requiring that you purchase related services such as hosting and domain names.

What actually happens is that the Viddx App is able to access videos on YouTube created using the Creative Commons License, that allows others to reuse the content of video creators under specific conditions.

You will soon discover that many people and marketers have abused this right, as they deliberately or ignorantly, do not pay close attention to the clauses surrounding the use of videos with CC Licences. More on this later.

Apparently, this App presents an amazing shortcut to YouTube marketing, or does it? The Viddx review will reveal more details further down.







a. Getting Started With The Viddx Software

In order to start searching and monetizing YouTube videos with Viddx, you have to use the following steps:

  • Go to the dashboard area
  • Click the campaign button which is represented by a ”Plus Sign”
  • Insert basic details such as campaign names, description, thumbnail etc…
  • You will be taken to the next section, where you would be able to search for Creative Commons videos on YouTube, and insert affiliate links.
  • Once you are done, hit the publish button.


Check out the video I found online below for an excellent walkthrough. If you wish to go directly to the section where the dashboard is presented, then go specifically to timestamp: 1:35 on the video below:








b. Prices Of The VidCome Software

For the relevant prices, go to timestamp 10:46 on the same video above.

It’s time to move over to more serious issues with regards to Viddx, the heart of the Viddx Review: a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of Viddx.







1.1PROS Of The Viddx Software ✌


1✌ 30 – Day Money Back Guarantee✌

The majority of products online offer this guarantee period which is a good thing.


2✌ No Website, Domain Or Hosting Needed✌

This is actually the very first YouTube solution I’ve come across online that bypasses the use of a website because you can insert your affiliate links right from inside the Viddx dashboard.

I’m truly impressed.


3✌ Very Beautiful and Simple To Use Platform✌

The Viddx platform is very attractive, and above all, incredibly easy to use.

Once you log in, you are motivated to create as many campaigns as possible. The flow is smooth and the mix of colors are just too irresistible. I love colors, and if you are like me, you would be proud of using this platform from when creating your campaigns.




1.2?The Viddx Review Which Explains ?06 Reasons Why Viddx By Mosh Bari Is Risky?.?




1 ?Outright Violation Of YouTube Terms Of Service?

This is the very first reason why using the Viddix software by Mosh Bari is insanely risky.

In case you don’t know, according to the YouTube Terms Of Service, related to the General Restrictions on use, subsection M clearly states:

You shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, or otherwise exploit any Content for any other purposes without the prior written consent of YouTube or the respective licensors of the Content.


You can check out the image below:


?The Viddx Review Which Explains ?06 Reasons Why Viddx By Mosh Bari Is Risky ?- Scam Or Real Deal?


That statement above is explicit and clear enough, and it amazes me to realize that tons of digital products are popping up today to take advantage of creative commons, without them completely understanding all the relevant clauses.

An identical product, is Octane By Jono Armstrong, using the exact same solution, but unlike Viddx, you would need a website. The clause above did not mention any exceptions meaning it’s applicable to everyone and work.

I understand that Creative Commons offers the possibility to reuse original content, but under what conditions? Check them out in the next section.








2 ?No Request From Content Creators Is Made Before Downloading Any YouTube Videos?

This is another risk factor you must take into account, which corroborates the one above.

The clause above states that in any circumstance related to using content which is not yours, you must receive consent from either YouTube or the Licensor. Now you might be wondering whether the Creative Commons License actually includes this clause as well.

The answer is YES IT DOES.

Check out the image below to see for yourself:


?The Viddx Review Which Explains ?06 Reasons Why Viddx By Mosh Bari Is Risky ?- Scam Or Real Deal?


You can see from the image above that obtaining permission is compulsory, but the Viddx software has apparently found an illegal method of having direct access to these videos without any prior consent.

That’s the reason why you can search any keyword from within its members’ area, and related videos would be displayed for you to choose from, without necessarily providing a tool for contacting the creator of the videos in order to make a formal request.

The clause above goes further to say that ”Licensees must credit the licensor, keep copyright notices intact…, and link to the license from copies of the work”

The Viddx software has not taken measures to remain compliant with the terms of service of Creative Commons. The long term consequences are disastrous. They have been presented further down the Viddx Review.







3 ?Your Viddx Campaigns Can Come To A Halt Once The Original Source Of The Video Is Affected?

It’s not by chance that video creation platforms offer you the possibility to download all the videos you created using the platform in question. If for any reason the server of the video creation platform is down, your downloaded videos will not be affected.

The Viddx software has been designed in such a way as to give you direct access to videos on YouTube. They are imported into the platform where all you can do is add your affiliate links and whatsoever,

In the unfortunate event where a particular video is taken down, then your campaigns are most probably going to come to an immediate halt.








4 ?Disastrous Longterm Consequences Due To The Abusive Use Of Videos On Creative Commons?

We have already clearly seen above that the Viddx software has not taken measures to respect all relevant clauses related to the use of Creative Commons Videos. I don’t know if you can anticipate what can happen in the long run.

Viddx runs an insane risk of having legal complaints filed against it in the nearest future. And if this repeatedly happens, the entire Viddx website could be forced to shut down.

Taking us to the next risk factor.







5 ?You Have Little Control Over The Business You Create With The Viddx Platform?

Considering the fact that all your campaigns are housed in Viddx’s website, whatever difficulties encountered by this platform will negatively affect the performance of your campaigns as well.

The worse scenario is Viddx shutting down. Even though we don’t want this to happen, but it’s definitely a risk factor to consider, given that no measures have been implemented to remain fully compliant with the terms of service of both YouTube and Creative Commons.

Products like Viddx have come and gone, and you don’t want this one to go with your online asset. That’s why the best way to make money online, is to create your own website with a reliable host, where you can promote any offers of your choice, and also embed your promotional YouTube videos as well.

This leads us to the next point.







6 ?No Resources To Help You Understand The Fundamentals Of Affiliate Marketing?

The main monetization method advertised here, even though it is not expressly mentioned, is affiliate marketing.

With the Viddx platform, you are told that you have the possibility of making money with YouTube by inserting your affiliate links. If you are a newbie, this solution would be a confusing one to use, because you don’t yet have any knowledge of how affiliate marketing works.

Unfortunately, no basics included in-house, meaning that you would have to do some extra research, to at least understand the basics of affiliate marketing, such as

  • Identifying Affiliate Marketing Networks
  • Identifying your interests
  • Grabbing your affiliate links
  • Sharing your affiliate links


Experienced marketers would surely have greater alternatives for monetizing YouTube, but as a newbie, you need to learn more about Affiliate marketing. More on this later.





1.3A Better Legal, And Ethical Alternative To Make Money Online Today Sustainably⭐


If you want to make money online today, you should think long-term and avoid shiny objects as much as possible.

Many software came in the past promising quick results, and all of them are gone. When you allow yourself to get distracted by quick results, before long, you will realize that you have spent years online, running after get rich quick schemes, and literally starting all over each time.

Then you get disappointed and conclude that making money online does not work. The length of time you spend looking for quicker ways to get things done could have been used to build yourself an entire system from the ground up, that will continue to work for you for decades to come. Even when shiny objects come and go, your business will remain and stand the test of time.

The following are characteristics of a system that works to help you make money online:

  • They help you to set the right expectations. Making money online does not happen overnight, so avoid get rich quick solutions because most of them are scams;
  • They provide all the relevant tools (including video creation resources) to help you start a business that will generate income for you sustainably without creationg a hole in your pocket;
  • They offer 1-on-1 mentoring free of charge to assist you with your online business every step of the way. Now we are all too familiar with the costs related to hiring a business mentor, with the minimum being an hourly rate of $75. You need a system that offers this service free of charge;
  • They offer a community you can rely on for assistance and encouragement as well because you cannot succeed online alone;
  • They clearly bring to your attention, all the legal and ethical monetization techniques that exist online today, and recommend the best methods to make money online. They also teach you how to use the various monetization methods concerned, and give you the freedom to choose which one works best for you.


And tons of other great features.

With my highly recommended alternative, you get to compete only with super affiliates and top marketers, because their premium services set you on a path to professionalism and excellence.

In fact, if you are really serious about building a sustainable income online today, you should visit the following link:








From my personal point of view, I cannot conclude that the Viddx software is a scam because they are not, but here is my take about this system:




In general, any business model that encourages unethical methods are high-risk business models. In this case, Viddx is helping you access and use videos immediately without any prior consent from the creators, as stipulated by the Creative Commons Licence.

So what will happen if a Licensor stumbles upon one of its videos and takes legal action against you? Yes, you lose your business and start all over from scratch.

Irrespective of how creative a new business idea may sound, at first sight, the moment I get to spot the existence of features that could potentially result in legal proceedings, in the long run, I don’t recommend any of them.

If you are very serious about making money online today, using a system that works, then:


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of myViddx Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌




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